We offer specialised Software Testing Services that can be delivered in Agile or DevOps environments…

Our testing services cover all of your testing needs ranging from functional, non-functional, regression and acceptance testing for desktop, mobile or web application developed in variety of platforms like windows, mac and unix giving thorough coverage to Services, APIs and Databases…


Test Automation – Combining effective use of automated tools and framework leading to quick ROI.

Test automation is the best way to increase efficiency and effectiveness but how it is implemented plays very important role in its success. We at SysYork make sure we implement the automation with best combination of tools and framework. The selection of best suited tools and frameworks are derived from industry recommendations based on application development technology.

Automated software testing significantly reduces the time taken to run repetitive tests from Weeks to days to hours and these time savings translate into cost savings and faster time to market for your product.

We promote the open source tools and frameworks for their immense capabilities and cost effectiveness however there are areas where we feel enterprise licensed tools like UFT and Test Complete are more suitable for the success of automation and its effectiveness. By engaging SysYork for automation testing services our partners can access and implement our state of art Test Automation Framework supporting multiple test tools like UFT, Selenium and Test Complete and reusable functions developed in Java, .Net and other scripting language like VBS, Java Scripts and Python at no extra cost.

If you have any questions or queries about test automation tools, or would like to learn more about how our test automation services can benefit your business,

We leverage proven and industry accepted technologies that complement our in-house developed frameworks, tools and accelerators. Together, these resources drive our testing services across the software lifecycle, to identify and fix defects early and speed software delivery.

Our Expertise 

Test Automation

UFT, Selenium, Test Complete, Protractor, BDD Frameworks-(Cucumber, SpecFlow, JBehave, Robot ),Shell Scripting, Mobile Automation Testing (Appium, Oracle MonkeyTalk, Robotium)

Bug Tracking & Reporting

Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Bugzilla, JIRA


Android Emulators, IOS emulators, peripherals  emulators

Testing Management

Team Foundation Server (TFS), Application lifecycle Management (ALM)


Performance Testing

Jmeter, Loadrunner, Perfmon, Citrix EdgeSight for load testing (ESLT) 

Database Testing

ETL Testing, BIG Data Testing (HADOOP)

SQLmap, SQLninja, SQLinjector


Security Test Practices

OWASP, Common Security Framework, MD5 hashing, Triple DES encryption

We can help you with :


QA Consulting & Advisory

Our SQA experts work with your IT leadership, PMO and QA organizations to assess your SDLC and QA processes – and build and implement a comprehensive QA strategy. Our services include:

  • As-is Benchmarking
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Implement and Execute Changes
  • Tools and Framework Adoptions

Automation Strategy

Our Test Automation experts help you establish clear goals and provide practical test automation solutions. Our services include:

  • Defining Scope and Objectives
  • Assessing Tests for Automation Suitability
  • Identify Test Automation Approach – including tools, framework, and how to embed automation in the SDLC (Agile, Water-Agile-Fall, or DevOps)
  • Identify Test Automation Training

Test Automation

Our test automation framework and tools help you achieve better test coverage along with faster turnaround times. Our focus is on improved accuracy and rapid validation of software changes.

  • Proof of Concept & Tool Evaluation
  • Regression Test Cases Maintenance
  • Test Automation Scripting
  • Test Automation Framework Development
  • Tool Configuration

DevOps Continuous Testing

Our Software Practice has helped clients implement DevOps processes for continuous development, delivery, monitoring, and testing for each stage – from development, test, stage, and production environments. Our DevOps continuous testing provides:

  • Testing core services in the development and test stages with test automation and reporting tool integrations
  • Seamless production testing, cutover, and rollbacks
  • Test data management across environments

Functional & Regression Testing

We ensure that your software meets all functional requirements in accordance with defined design specifications with optimal test coverage. Our functional and regression testing services encompass the following:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Smoke Testing

Compatibility Testing

Our in-depth testing methodology ensures application compatibility and functionality across browsers, devices, platforms, operating systems and mobile devices – across brands & screen resolutions.

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Data Integrity
  • OS Compatibility
  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Platform Compatibility

Security Testing

We help you identify and eliminate network & application vulnerabilities to mitigate risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Network Security Assessment
  • Software Code Security Analysis
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Product Security Testing

Performance Testing

Our expertise in performance testing across technologies help deliver highly responsive, scalable, and reliable solutions.

  • Configuration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing

Domain based Testing

We offer specialized testing services that ensure software applications adhere to performance, security and user experience expectations. Our domain specific expertise includes:

  • Mobile Testing: User experience, profiling, vulnerability, security and penetration testing
  • Omni-channel: Testing across mobile, desktop, kiosk, wearables, etc.
  • Connected Devices: Hardware & software testing, data in Motion tests

Industry Specific Testing

We test your software regulatory compliance, and safety requirements governing your industry. Our industry expertise includes:

  • Healthcare Regulation and compliances testing
  • Payments & Cards: Conformance testing, Shock, Stress Testing
  • E-commerce: User experience testing
  • Investment and  Core Banking
  • CRM and Reporting tools

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